Will I Gain Weight if I Stop Running?

weight gain and running


It totally depends on your routine and how long are you going to stop running? for a short duration or long duration? and how many calories are you taking daily? It depends on how much time you’re running on each of those days, but stops will definitely reduce the number of calories you are burning on a weekly basis.

You have to maintain your calorie and make sure you are in a calorie deficit if you are not running those days or not doing any type of exercise. Here is your calorie calculator

I recommend downloading a calorie tracker for your phone and tracking how much food you are eating vs how many calories you are burning. You aren’t looking to lose weight, you’re just trying to make sure you aren’t overeating and maintaining your weight in off days so after doing this for a while, you may find you have a good sense of what you need in a day.


Will I Gain Weight if I Stop Running?


I will advise you to take up some other form of regular exercise, whether that be body-weight exercises, swimming, tennis, weight lifting or what have you. Because you won’t be burning those same calories. However, you may initially lose weight- water, and hopefully not- but muscle (especially if you do no exercise at all).


How do I lose weight through diet only on my off days?


  1. Switch oil consumption from any oil to Extra virgin Olive oil.
  2. Extra Virgin olive oil is still oil so don’t use it in abundance use it only when it’s necessary to cook in scarce amounts.
  3. Eat masala oats.
  4. Eat sweet potato and cassava if it’s available in your country. That will quench your thirst for carbs.
  5. For breakfast just have watermelon or pineapple or passionfruit. In short any raw fruits. But not grapes. Grapes are useful to gain weight and not lose weight.
  6. There will be times when your body will crave for oil, and you will look at oily things with water in your mouth. Quench the thirst of oil by eating peanuts as much as they can cover your palm when your fist is open. Not even a single pea more than that.
  7. If you feel weak eat one banana. It had potassium and lots of calories that will give you energy like sugar.
  8. Eliminate sugar from your diet. Minimize salt. Your taste buds will get accustomed to that.
  9. Eat only boiled vegetables not fried or cooked. If you have to cook in olive oil. Don’t put a potato in it. You can put spices, give black pepper more importance.
  10. Stop drinking tea coffee milk curd etc. Drink the black pepper tea.
  11. If you poop 2–3 times a day you are following the instructions correctly if not add more salads and especially cabbage to your diet. The idea is to have more roughage to clean your system and make digestion easy.