Whey Protein With Milk or Water – How should I consume?

Whey Protein With Milk or Water - How should I consume?


You are reading this article because you have started consuming whey protein in your daily routine or you are planning to buy whey protein (Check out Offers), Now every beginner is concerned, how to use whey protein with milk or water?

Let’s understand and solve your problem in 1 LINER

Consume whey protein with milk if you are bulking, gaining lean muscle mass, increasing weight, or in a calorie surplus

Consume whey protein with water if you are cutting, decreasing weight, Fat Lose journey, Milk sensitive

Now let’s understand in deep if you have time to read to complete the blog:

Whey Protein With Milk


Whey protein with milk is an option you can opt if you are not concerned much about calorie intake and you’re trying to gain weight and lean muscle mass. A glass of whole milk adds about 100 calories to a serving of Whey (110calories), it becomes almost 210 calories. This is the best option for skinny guys who want to put on muscles and weight.

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Whey Protein With Water

If you’re following a ketogenic diet (low carb high-fat diet) or calorie-restricted diet, where you can lose weight, you should choose for mixing Whey Protein with water as this won’t add to your calorie load. Whey Protein is usually around 80-110 calories/serving and contains only a negligible amount or no carb and fat.



Let’s Compare in one go (Milk Vs Water):


  • Whey Protein With Water – Mixes more easily and hence less preparation time.
  • Whey Protein With Milk – Takes some time for mixing and preparation time is more.


  • Whey Protein With Water – Suitable for post-workout because of fast digestion.
  • Whey Protein With Milk – Adds additional protein to your shake and digests slowly. Suitable to be consumed at night or any time other than post-workout.


  • Whey Protein With Water – You get about 110 calories and is suitable for those who want to lose weight.
  • Whey Protein With Milk – You get about 220 calories and are suitable for those who want to gain weight.



  • Whey Protein With Water – Suitable for those with milk sensitivity.
  • Whey Protein With Milk – Not suitable for those with milk sensitivity.



  • Whey Protein With Water – Tastes neutral with unflavoured whey.
  • Whey Protein With Milk – Tastes smooth and creamy.


I am sure, you are very clear now, let’s move to another subtopic:


Whey Protein With Milk and Banana


You can make a banana shake including whey protein and milk for your post-workout snack easily, it is very helpful for those who are underweight and looking for weight gain.

Whey protein added to a banana shake significantly boosts the protein content and ups its nutritional ante. A protein derived from milk, whey protein offers a complete array of the essential amino acids that your body needs. You can include a few nuts and raisins into it to increase to power of the shake and the value of nutrition.


Whey protein with water before bed


Yes, you can take whey protein with water or milk as per your goal needs before bed it will help you to recover muscles. Take whey protein before bed with water if you are losing weight and in the cutting phase, it’ll help you a lot.