What does falling for someone mean exactly?

What does falling for someone mean exactly?


The term ” falling for someone” means that your relationship hasn’t started yet but you have a crush on him/her, you like that person and want to be with him/her.

In the same way, falling in love means that you are in a relationship or you are starting your love relationship.

In my college days, I have fallen for a girl and every night we talk long hours on phone calls and text each other but we were not in a relationship. I was liking her but didn’t say anything to her or express my feelings in front of her.

She was beautiful and kind, i always wanted to constant emotional validation from her and always wanted to nearby her. I liked the way she talks, she smiles but as i said we were not in a relationship so I was falling for her.

in this scenario, you may feel like you are in love, you may feel so attached with that person, you take very seriously to that person and every little thing what they do.



Falling in love helps YOU GROW.

Falling for someone is like staying average forever.

Falling for someone


Falling for someone can be a faint liking or an obsessive crush or simply a good vibe from someone’s company. It isn’t structured. It isn’t refined. And definitely not always very serious as an emotion.

Whereas falling in love with someone simply means starting to love somebody. Deeply, unabashedly and irrecoverably. That’s more concrete. It is more intense and definitely not a daily occurrence. Also, when someone loves or starts falling in love; they don’t expect anything in return.


What are the signs you’re falling for someone?

Here are few signs that show you are falling for someone exactly:

  1. You start to enjoy silent time together
  2. You Spent long hours in conversations
  3. You try to find a reason to talk.
  4. You start becoming of her/him fan.
  5. You start finding his/her quirks cute suddenly.
  6. You want to introduce her/him to your family.
  7. You dream about her/him in a day or when you are alone.
  8. You want to dress to impress her/him
  9. You ignore other friends when you are with him or her.
  10. Continue watching WhatsApp or messages until she/he text you back.
  11. Start reminding everything about her/him like birthday, color, food, etc..
  12. You feel jealous when someone else next to her/him.



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