TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack with Waterproof Speaker (Lightweight Max-Bass)

TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack with Waterproof Speaker (Lightweight Max-Bass)


The TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack is a rough shell bag and is best for outdoor activities as well. The Trak Shell hiking bag is water-resistant, rated at IPX5 which enables it to withstand rain. Hardshell hiking bags can additionally withstand wind, as well as storms. It features a 5200mAh power bank allowing you to charge your device!

Also, it has an inbuilt 20W Bluetooth speaker so you can listen to songs from a smartphone or tablet as well. If you’re thinking of having more fun, you can simply turn on the LED light to synchronize with your songs. It comes with a controller so that you can change the song as well as answer the call. Check Out Now


Who Is This TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack Designed for?


The TRAKK SHELL Hiking Smart Backpack is not only a traveling bag. It is suitable for those who jog, run, walk, hike, and for those who exercise outdoors regularly.

It includes a rigid shell front as well as a solid back, which is why TRAKK assured that the product is water-resistant, dustproof, shockproof as well as stain-resistant. Also, it is compact as well as light.


TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack has In-built Loudspeakers with Max-Bass Tech


The backpack has 25-watt loudspeakers. The Max-Bass technology that operates the speakers produces good quality sound even when you’re at the highest volume. TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack enables you to pair your phone, tablet, MP3 player or even PC via Bluetooth.


TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack has Multi-colored LED Lights – automatically changes whenever you are playing songs


The mesh on the front of the bag has an LED light that displays different colors. Anyone who engages in outdoor activities during the night can turn on the lights to make it more fun.


TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack Included with a USB Power Bank


The TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack has a 5200 mAh facility in the power bank. Keeping this in mind, the Apple iPhone 7 has a 1960 mAh battery. Therefore, you can fully charge the phone about three times. If you are using a backpack only to listen to songs, the power bank can last until around 12 o’clock. You can recharge the power bank with the cable included in the bag.


TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack has Wired Remote


When you proceed, you can use a wired remote to adjust volume, change tracks, pause/play songs, answer and end calls, as well as turn on and off the LED light. When you are not using the remote, you can secure the remote by clipping it on the shoulder straps.


Pros of  TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack

  • Equipped with a 5200mah power bank
  • Built with Max-Bass Technology speakers
  • It is water and dust-resist

Cons of  TRAKK SHELL Hiking Backpack

  • The display light looks very childish


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