Things that can affect your running speed

things affect running speed


If you are a runner then your goal is to always run better than the previous run. We runners always try to increase our running speed but sometimes we lack due to few things that affect our running speed, In this blog, I am going to discuss few factors that can influence your running speed.



Things that can affect your running speed


Note: All suggestions are based on my 3 years of running experience and few affiliate links are included for product suggestion and monetization.


#1 Running Wearables & Clothes


Running clothes



Have you noticed ever, the clothes you wear can affect your speed? in starting days I was not aware of this and I use to run in my normal sleepwear or shorts but after few days I have realized that I can run faster and my clothes are not fit for running. For better running performance, always invest in good quality and lightweight clothes that fit well and also dry fit.

You can purchase high-quality running clothes on amazon that will keep your body cool and dry, those running clothes must include nylon, polyester, and bamboo or other options like polypropylene, spandex, and wool.

Look for high-quality sweat-wicking fabrics that will keep your body cool and dry. These include nylon, polyester, and bamboo. Other options include polypropylene, spandex, and wool.

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#2 Running Socks



You will be surprised that socks play an important role in your running performance, Normal socks will not work if you want to become a good runner because normal socks fabric and fitting is not good for your feet while running, Always buy good quality socks that are manufactured especially for running. Check cushioned running socks on amazon


#3 Running shoes


Running shoes


Do you know running shoes are different from your sports shoes? Good running shoes protect your feet when pounding the pavement over and over again due to the good quality of the shoe sole. Where a sports shoe helps with side-to-side movement, dedicated running shoes help with forwarding movement. Quality running shoes also provide more cushioning and support, which often translates into a higher heel drop.

Lightweight running shoes provide support and comfort while running that can help you to prevent running injury. Running shoes also help you to achieve speed in your running due to comfort and dedicated design for running. Check out the best running shoes


#4 Body Weight


body weight


Your body weight can be a major factor that can influence your running speed. The more you weigh, the more energy it takes to move forward. Every time you lift your leg for a run, you are pulling against gravity and it increases the difficulty with the amount of weight your legs are carrying.


#5 Strength and Speed endurance


Strength and speed-endurance is a key component of a running program & training. if you have a strong body then it is easier to use correct body mechanics and improve endurance, both of which help to build speed. With strong legs, you can create more power while a strong upper body and your core muscles help you to maintain energy while using the correct form. Try Bodyweight exercise, weight training, HIIT workouts including tempo runs, hill training, and sprints.


#6 One long run every week


If you want to improve your running speed then you must try a long run every week to increase your endurance. it’ll help you a lot and you will see changes soon.



#7 Follow a healthy diet


A healthy diet helps you to maintain and improve your fitness level. Proper nutrition is necessary for any type of training and a healthy diet plays an important role, before running make sure to have loaded good carbs within 24 hours. Good fat is also necessary for your body and bone joints, Add Ghee or coconut oil to your healthy diet


#8 Stay Hydrated


Before running, make sure you stay hydrated with water and healthy drinks such as coconut water, herbal teas, and electrolyte drinks. Personally, I take coconut water in the morning before running


#9 Not Taking Proper Rest


Proper rest



After every run, your body needs proper rest, Rest days help strengthen your body, sharpen your focus and improve your running performance, if you are running on the road then your need 5-6 days rest before the next run. If you have a shin pain problem then you should take 10-15 days rest at least and go for a normal walk between this rest period.


Final Note:


If you are serious about running then focus more on practice and regularity instead of speed, your running speed will improve day by day and with your running experience. Take good rest, sleep, proper nutrition, and avoid smoking and alcohol. It’ll really help you.