How To Prevent Running Blister?

  Annoying and painful, blisters are caused by friction, usually, your shoes or socks are rubbed against your skin. Anything that intensifies the rub can start a blister, including fast movements, poorly fitting shoes, and foot abnormalities such as bunions, heel nerves, and hammers. Poor blisters, and improper blister treatment, can cut down on yourContinue reading “How To Prevent Running Blister?”

How To Get A Flat Stomach?

  It takes a lot of dedication to get a flat stomach, and as always, it starts with a healthy lifestyle. Your stomach will not disappear from day to day, no matter what miracle you try. One thing you can do is reduce bloating by avoiding certain foods, such as legumes, cruciferous vegetables, and dairyContinue reading “How To Get A Flat Stomach?”