How to blow up a picture without losing resolution?

How to blow up a picture without losing resolution?


You can pick any photo editor on your desktop, or on your web, That editors can reduce an image’s size. You can shrink images down as little or as much as you like.

But there is a different scenario when you want to blow up an image, When you blow up a picture you can introduce all manner of problems, including blurring, general loss of sharpness, and jagged edges.

As the post title suggests, We’ll guide you to blow up a picture without losing resolution.


The trick is to use the right software. There are two great free tools to try are:


1) A Sharper Scaling.
2) Reshade Image Enlarger.

These tools use specialist photo enlargement algorithms to produce crisper resizes than you’d get from other image editing software.


How to use the Sharper Scaling tool?


Step 1 – Load images from your desktop or from your clipboard.

Step 2 – Set the target size and one of the selection dimensions

Step 3 – Click the Play button and it will resize your image.

Note: You can compare different scaling methods

Step 4 – Save the finished result to your desktop, or to the clipboard.


How to use the Reshade Image Enlarger tool?


Step 1 – Click the Open button and load the image you want to resize.

Step 2 – Set the required width, height, and resolution (or pick a preset) and it will go to work.

Note: You can adjust the results manually using the controls.

Step 3 – When done, click the Save button to export the resized photo.

In my personal experience, both programs ( Reshade Image Enlarger & Sharper Scaling) work very well. A Sharper Scaling tool is ideal for quick enlarges, while Reshade Image Enlarger provides lots of options for anyone requiring greater control over the finished picture.



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