Best Core Exercises for Runners

Best Core Exercises for Runners


When most people think of their origin, they automatically think abs. While your abs are a major component to the core, your core also includes your low back and hips.

Your core is your center of gravity, and a strong core allows strong functional movement throughout exercise and everyday life. Whether you realize it or not, you must constantly keep your core entangled, whether you are exercising, cooking in the kitchen, or sitting at work.

A strong core will help prevent injury and promote more efficient workouts overall.

Suffering from back pain? Strengthening your core can also relieve the seemingly endless back pain.


Best Core Exercises for Runners


Here are the 10 best tricks you can do without any equipment to build strength in your core, whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced.




Best Core Exercises for Runners


This step I learned from Instagram. Although it is an isometric practice that does not require any movement, it is a real burner. Make sure that you keep your shoulders away from your ears and your low back with the mat.




PLANK Best Core Exercises for Runners


This is my least favorite exercise. In fact, I try to include in every workout. If I had to do one main exercise for the rest of my life, it would be this.




BRIDGE Best Core Exercises for Runners


Most people think that a bridge is for your glutes, and it is. But, when your hips are under and less abdominally engaged, this trick is performed correctly, which is also a great job for your core.




SUPERMAN PULL Best Core Exercises for Runners


This move actually targets the lower back. In fact, many people suffer from low back pain because their core (including their low back) is actually really weak. If this variation is too difficult, skip the “pull” part and practice raising your hands and feet off the ground.


5. V-UPS


Best Core Exercises for Runners


This step gave me a little time to become a master. The full V-up is very advanced, but you can always do the revised version as you make it work. Once you have mastered the V-up, you can try to hold a loaded medicine ball in your hands for all those who are advanced.


6. V-SIT



See how long you can do this trick without moving! If your legs are too hard to extend, you can bend it from the knees until you regain core strength. With Holman and all of these core exercises for that matter, make sure your shoulders stay below and away from your ears — no matter how hard!






Is this trick mastered? Try to slow them down! Exhale, take out all the air from your lungs, and as you pull that knee towards the opposite elbow. The idea is to be as close as possible and aim for the outside of the elbow.






This step should not hurt your low back. If this happens, place your hands under your lower back for support and/or lower your legs downward. This exercise is meant to work your core, not hurt it, so make sure you are listening to your body’s signals.






This step actually wrings out your stomach like a wet towel! When performing this step to increase the intensity, really think about that analogy.




plank shoulder taps


As you can probably tell by now, I like placards a lot. This is a great chance to challenge your balance and core control a bit more. When doing a shoulder tap, you really want to avoid moving your hips and body from side to side. The only motion that should happen is that your hand is going to the opposite shoulder. Work on it, you will get it!

As I said before, you should really incorporate your core during every workout as well as everyday activities. Your core is your powerhouse and key to overall fitness.

Try to incorporate these exercises into your training and feel free to skip your favorite core exercises in the comments section below.